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at any rate, from what i understand, this radical new technology that wired describes above has actually been in production since the early 1980s, although it's been kept secret by the media gestapo who want to keep the public's awareness of new media minimized. sony developed the first prototyped, codenamed the "Walkman" -- it featured a miniaturized, portable Frequency Modulation radio transceiver -- but desipte its perceived market viability, it never made it out to the general public.
-Andrew Stellman

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Charlton Heston, proud gun owner.
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Andrew's Open Letter to Representatives and Senators About the DMCA
...offering still more proof that the Home Shopping Network is not the only place where dolts go to buy putrid crap!
We love you, Tammy Faye!.
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  Andrew's letter about DNA databases that was published in the New York Times  
The Lego TM Computer

Devil ducky!
Even though Helga was different, she had somehow convinced herself that there was a place in society for her.
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catscan -- CueCat barcode scanner decoder

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